Get Body Wise is the best nutrition education and experience I ever had.  It stands apart due to Amanda’s unique, all-encompassing approach, which includes a comprehensive review of your health history, ailments, medications/ supplements and lifestyle.  After a very thorough personal interview, Amanda was able to make connections and insights that my doctors were never able to make.  She was committed to helping me, but I also needed to make a commitment to the process. Her approach goes deep- not just with grocery shopping and a new diet, but also with blood tests, and a comprehensive list of supplements and tools that could help.  And help they did!  It feels like she takes these “puzzle pieces” that are your body and lifestyle, lays them all out and see’s the connections and where pieces don’t fit.  Then she uses her deep expertise and communication skills to put it all together in it a palpable form, answering questions you’ve had all your life!  It’s a very passionate, provocative approach that helps you become your best self and feel better than ever in a sustainable way.     -KM

Committing myself to the 21 day detox with Get Body Wise was the best thing I could have done for myself (and by ‘myself’ I mean body and mind) before turning yet another year older. I considered myself a pretty healthy eater already, but with Amanda’s amazing help, I have taken my journey a step, or twelve, further. Within a few days, I had more energy than ever before. It’s so dense you can cut it with a knife! I have a physically and mentally demanding job and my husband was astonished when after a 10 hour long shift I came back home, changed to my sneakers and went for a run. And scored a new personal record, 10k in 42mins! No more foggy, tired, sleepy, lethargic, moody head in the late afternoons. And apparently I grumble much less at my better half.

Yet another thing I have been enjoying since the detox are restful nights and waking up without the urge to snooze my alarm. Maybe because I wake up fully rested well before it even goes off. The beauty of Get Body Wise detox is that all of these wonderful things plus better eating habits are sticking with me. Amanda has helped me tremendously in the past two years I’ve known her. I am a nutrition-want-to-know-all freak and she has been my person to go to. Her support goes beyond my expectations. She not only tells you what to eat or do during the detox guiding you through it, but also reasons with you why you should do this and shouldn’t do that. Her devoted playful approach and her passion for nutrition leaves you hungry for more and more information. And so you go back to her, ask and she puts the pieces together for you. And you are set towards the healthier, happier you.    -MG

You are amazing – thank you for presenting all of this valued information. Certainly there must be somewhere that we can give back to you to say thank you!!! Let us know where that is… Much love and thanks!     -DJ


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