Safe Seafood for You

Wow, the Environmental Working Group just released a fantastic tool for calculating safe seafood based on your weight, age, gender, pregnancy status and more.

Safe seafood is a hugely important piece of the nutrition puzzle as there are many factors that make for a healthy seafood meal. Think about the unfortunate pollution in the ocean (bigger fish are the most affected as they are highest on the food chain and toxins accumulate over time), overfishing (our oceans are not endless!), and fish farms (farmed fish are not the same nutritionally as it’s hard to mimic what fish naturally eat in the ocean. Farmed fish are also often prey to sea lice, which are treated with harsh chemicals… need I say more.).

Learn which fish are safe for you, while providing healthy anti-inflammatory omega-3s.

safe seafood


As an example, here are the top recommendations for a 135lb female, between 18-49 years old.

safe fish suggestions

All suggestions are based on a 4oz serving.s


This is a huge issue and the EWG just made it a lot easier for all of us to get the information we need.


One thought on “Safe Seafood for You

  1. Fish farming may not be ideal but we still have to preserve the ocean and natural resources. Vietnam and Thailand are few of the countries that are strong in fish farming and they get exported to other countries. But overall I think it comes down to our health and knowing what is good for us. Very informative post nonetheless.

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