Food Heals.

No matter what your diet philosophy, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, etc. food heals and this AMAZING TEDx presentation by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is undeniably inspiring. This is a must see for anyone interested in their health (and that’s everyone!). Dr. Fuhrman demonstrates the powerful healing affects of food and the human body, and how this […]

Epigenetics (don’t be intimidated!), feel empowered

Still think your genes control your health? It “runs” in your family so you’re destined to have it… Well, think again. Your genes certainly play a role in many aspects of your life but a fairly new body of research, epigenetics*, is uncovering the fact that your environment is what really determines your health outcomes. […]

Body Care

It’s not just about what we eat… what we put on our body doesn’t just stay on our skin, in fact around 60% of skincare is actually absorbed! And over time it accumulates, taxing our organs and interrupting our body’s natural symphony. So if you want to truly detox your life, definitely ditch the ingredients […]