Epigenetics (don’t be intimidated!), feel empowered

Still think your genes control your health? It “runs” in your family so you’re destined to have it… Well, think again. Your genes certainly play a role in many aspects of your life but a fairly new body of research, epigenetics*, is uncovering the fact that your environment is what really determines your health outcomes.

What do I mean by environment, well it ranges from yes, where we live and how “clean” it is, or the amount of fresh air we get, to the foods we eat and how well we digest, to our thoughts; these things and more all set the stage for our internal environment and thus can shape and determine the action of our genes.

Feel empowered! You have much more control over your health than you might have previously thought!

Check out this great video from Dr. Frank Lipman on epigenetics.

*From Dr. Lipman: “Epigenetics is the study of molecular mechanisms by which the environment controls gene activity. It is a new scientific field and it shows that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in stone at birth. Each of us inherits our own unique variation of the genetic code. We can’t change the hardwiring of our genetic code, but epigenetic factors such as lifestyle and diet can radically change what our genes do.”

Eat well, think positive and breathe!

What do you think?

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