Get Grounded

No I don’t mean go to your room! I’m talking about getting reconnected with the earth, with the daily rhythms, with the seasons.

Grounding or earthing is a concept that involves connecting with the earth… literally. Walking or sitting barefoot on the grass or sand, swimming in the ocean or a lake, relaxing at the beach, or going for a hike.

There is a great deal of research behind the beneficial effects of grounding and earthing. Research shows that we have too many free radicals floating around in our bodies and these can cause discomfort, pain, inflammation, and wreak all other sorts of havoc on our systems (that’s why we try and eat so many antioxidant rich foods!). When electrons are restored to your body, studies find that people feel more balanced, revitalized, and less stressed. Becoming more electron nourished helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals and aids in healing from the inside out. Fortunately for humanity, the earth has an inexhaustible amount of electrons stored inside its vault. All we have to do is connect and make direct contact with the earth.

Pluggz are grounding shoes; also called earthing shoes. What they do is very simple. Every pair naturally reconnects you to the abundance of the earth’s free energy that lies right beneath your feet. This happens when you walk directly on the ground – whether it is grass, soil, sand, gravel, stone, unsealed tiles, brick… and for all you city dwellers, happily concrete sidewalks, too. So, you can easily get grounded every day without having to go barefoot, regardless of where you live geographically or what season is upon you.

I was given the pleasure to try out a pair of Pluggz. I love the style of the loafers and not only do they ground you (not sure if I felt a difference – but hey why not try!) but they are INCREDIBLY comfortable too. Probably some of the most comfortable flats I have ever worn – and flats are my go to shoe! Everyone should have a pair of Pluggz regardless if you are into grounding or not! pluggz

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