Norwegian Researchers Confirm GMO Health Hazards

Amazing article on about GMOs – the truth is many of us are eating them and we don’t even know it. What are GMOs, genetically modified foods – find out more here and here .

According to the research, outlined at,
“The results show a positive link between GE corn and obesity. Animals fed a GE corn diet got fatter quicker and retained the weight compared to animals fed a non-GE grain diet. The studies were performed on rats, mice, pigs and salmon, achieving the same results.

… Researchers found distinct changes to the intestines of animals fed GMOs compared to those fed non-GMOs. This confirms other studies done by US researchers. Significant changes occurred in the digestive systems of the test animals’ major organs including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, genitals and more.”

If you want to avoid obesity, then avoid eating genetically engineered (GE) corn, corn-based products, and animals that are fed a diet of GE grain… CHOOSE Organic to avoid GMOs, shop at local farmers markets and ask about their farming practices – do the same at restaurants – more people asking about where the food is coming from the greater incentive for the farmer or restaurant to change.

GMOs are required to be labeled in 49 countries around the world, including the EU… What are we waiting for!? – learn about these vital issues and get involved! Spread the word, and choose organic and GMO free when shopping – vote with your food dollars.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Researchers Confirm GMO Health Hazards

    1. Thanks! Yes Dr. Oz is great – in the first paragraph of the post the second linked “here” is a link to a great Dr. Oz segment you should check out!
      Thanks for reading

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