Ruth Reichl said it right!

I totally agree with Ruth on this one! She clearly spells out why fast food, commercial meat, etc are LESS expensive than veggies – have you ever stopped to think about it…? How can it be possible that food that takes a factory to make, including chemists, marketing materials, package design etc, cost less than a piece of fruit from a tree… seems a little backwards, no?

Is eating healthfully a matter of economics? There’s greater affordability and accessibility of genetically modified and processed foods.

More so, it’s a political issue. The price of the food we eat is totally based on the tax structure and the Farm Bill and what is subsidized. It is absurd that a hamburger is cheaper than a salad. And that is totally as a result of the tax policy. If we actually made the people who raise the pigs in confinement facilities pay the costs of pollution, and we didn’t subsidize the soy and corn industries, it wouldn’t be a class issue because vegetables would be cheap.

One of the ways we are starting to correct that is by teaching people how to cook. If you know how to cook, you can know how to cook rice and beans and vegetables, how to cook inexpensively. If you know how to balance proteins, then you don’t have to eat at the top of the food chain.

But if you don’t have time to cook because you have three jobs, if it’s a choice between clothing your children and buying good food, then it’s cheaper to eat fast food than real food.

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